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Mandy Greer

She is certainly one of my most favorite artists. Just this past friday, her new show entitled "Honey and Lightning" opened at Roq la Rue here in Seattle. A baroque concourse of mirrors, an ominous cave, and decadent photography are on display. For me, is a consummate example of Mandy's work. Nourishing to behold!

Not so long ago, I was approached by Mandy to do sound design for a video made by Ian Lucero of her installation "Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl" at the Bellevue Art Museum from July 2008.

Why not have a look at the video over here?


Cerebrum with Feet #7

On the rare night that I find myself out at a music event, I'll often finish the eve sauntering home a bit sloppy of drink, unable to resist having a go at the studio and working out something a bit light hearted. This bit is from just this sort of night, from not too long ago...

It is made using an e-series Buchla augmented with an original 296, and the Sequential Circuits Studio 440.

Patch for 'buchlidian braindance #7'

buchlidian braindance: a post show+tell studio jam (#7) by citizen mori


Love and Techno

Hello, fellow citizens!

It is the very first post of my new site, and so it can only be quite awkward. Being a sentimental sort, I know that in the months ahead, I will smile to read back on this bit of narcissism, and so here I am with a bit of an introduction:

I have decided to stop hiding from the world and to instead share the creative thingies which i have been spending my life on, using this unique medium and your curious nature.

Found here, frequently, will be new bits of my life in the form of a little ├ętude, a bit of sound design, a special video, or some other bit of strange... Always along with photography, and sometimes with prose.

My humble CV also resides here, cataloging efforts in collaboration with the visual arts community (I am passionate for this bit of life!), along with a catalog of works (formal releases, once they materialize!).

Thank you for being curious!

Love + Techno,
Citizen Mori

It is I, wearing my favorite hat, clutching several tinijacks!


A Performance Video


Here is a video of some excerpts of a recent performance done at The Living Room here in Seattle It was recorded by my dear friend Brian Cypher and edited together by myself.

Citizen Mori @ Show & Tell in Seattle, WA on June 3rd, 2010 from Citizen Mori on Vimeo.

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